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Few things are more frustrating than taking a load of laundry out of your dryer only to discover it is still damp or even outright wet. It is tempting to blame the brand, price point or age of the dryer, but before you throw your hands up and spend hundreds of dollars to replace it, rest assured most issues can be fixed.

Read on to learn some of the possible reasons your dryer is not drying clothes completely.

1. Clogged Vent

If your clothes dryer feels very hot, but you have to run it for an exceedingly long amount of time to ensure your clothes dry, the culprit may be a clogged vent.

When the vent becomes clogged, excess hot air gets trapped inside of the dryer’s drum. However, the heat will not dry clothes because the air circulation is too low. And a clogged vent is not just an inconvenience. It can damage your clothes and even start a fire.

You can try diagnosing the problem yourself by inspecting the vent hood or flap while the dryer is running to feel the strength of the air flow. If it feels weak, you may have a clogged vent on your hands.

A professional appliance repair technician will check the air flow as well as the duct and hose to diagnose the cause and come up with the best solution.

2. Burned Out Heating Element

Electric dryers are designed with a heating element that heats the air inside of the dryer drum. If this part burns out partially or completely, it will take the machine a long time to dry your clothes thoroughly.

You can test the heating element yourself to see if you need a new one, but the procedure can be complex and it involves accessing the inside of the dryer. Plus, no two manufacturers install the heating element in the same place, which makes it very likely you could end up hunting around for it with no luck,

In order to be certain the heating element is located and tested correctly, you should enlist the services of a repair professional. That way, you know the issue of your dryer not drying clothes will be fixed.

3. Blown Thermal Fuse

When your clothes are not dry at all after two or three cycles, even if you select the highest heat setting, you are probably dealing with a blown thermal fuse.

This fuse serves an important purpose; it helps prevent fires. Eventually, it wears out over time. Running the dryer at higher-than-normal temperatures can cause it to short sooner than expected.

A blown thermal fuse must be replaced. A certified repair technician will have the knowledge and tools to do the job properly.

4. Malfunctioning Timer Or Broken Cycling Thermostat

You may assume the timer on your dryer exists to tell you how much time is left in a cycle, but this is not true. It controls the heating circuit on the vast majority of models. When the timer fails to advance correctly, it may prevent your dryer from moving on to the heating step in the drying cycle.

Much like the timer, the cycling thermostat plays a critical role in heat production. This part indicates when the machine should switch the heating element on or off by signaling that the clothes have reached the ideal temperature. A broken thermostat may send incorrect signals to the main control board and prevent the dryer from heating.

Replacing the timer and cycling thermostat on a dyer that is not drying clothes are both complex repairs that should only be attempted by an experienced repair technician. Otherwise, you risk inflicting costly damage on the dryer.

Prolong The Life Of Your Dryer With Expertly Done Repairs

A dryer that is well maintained – meaning repairs are done promptly and well – can last as long as 13 years. Area Appliance Repair has been taking meticulous care of dryers and other appliances in Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Mundelein, Northbrook, Palatine, Des Plaines, Long Grove, Mount Prospect and surrounding areas since 1958. We service top dryer brands such as Maytag, Samsung, Kenmore, Whirlpool, LG, Amana and more.

We are a family owned and operated business, and to us, our customers are part of that family. One of our top priorities is delivering exemplary customer service every single time. This means showing up on time for appointments and giving you a clear explanation, upfront, of the issue at hand and how much it will cost us to fix it. We also offer emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if one of your appliances malfunctions outside of our normal business hours.

Additionally, we offer the following credentials:

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We are trained and experienced to work on major brands including but not limited to Maytag, Whirlpool, Kenmore, LG, Amana and Samsung. Our appliance repair technicians continuously update their education in order to serve you best.

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