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Have you opened the lid of your washing machine after a load of laundry is complete only to find water remaining in the machine? Then you know very well how nervewracking it is to deal with a washing machine that won’t drain. Not only is it a waste of time and energy for the load that is dripping wet, but it also seriously compromises your ability to get laundry done when you need clean clothes.

Fortunately, there are several different fixes for this issue. The solution that is right depends on the cause of the problem. Below we detail the issues and fixes so that you will not have to live without your washing machine for long.

1. Replace The Pump Belt

In washing machine models that use a belt-driven pump, the motor is connected to the water pump via the belt. The belt will fail to drive the pump sufficiently if it is worn or stretched. You can determine if the belt has deteriorated by checking that the tension is correct and there are no signs of wear or glazing. While you are at it, make sure the pump pulleys and motor do not show signs of wear and that they are clean. If you need to replace the belt, do so according to the exact manufacturer’s specifications.

2. Examine The Drain Pump

A common culprit of a washing machine that won’t drain is a damaged drain pump. This part is essential in a washing machine because it is responsible for draining the water from the outer tub. The drain pump can experience several issues that can hinder its ability to do its job:

  • A blockage or clog in the pump itself
  • A defective motor-driven impeller
  • A restricted or kinked drain hose

The repairs for this issue are relatively complicated and, for that reason, require the expertise and experience of a professional. They include conducting a live voltage test on the pump motor and checking to see if the impeller turns freely.

3. Get Help With The Electronic Control Board

The control board may be at fault if power is not being given to the drain pump motor. You will need the help of a professional who is qualified to remove the appliance’s power supply, check to make sure the wiring harness has continuity and perform a live voltage check.

4. Replace The Direct Drive Pump

If you have a top load washing machine, it may contain a drain pump that is directly coupled to the drive motor. A foreign object lodged in the pump, or a pump that does not turn easily or has seized, can result in a washing machine that won’t drain.

The repair for these issues is complex, largely because you need to perform a number of steps in order to access the direct drive pump. For this reason, it is best to let a professional remove the cabinet, retaining clamps and pull the pump away from the drive motor. You will need a new direct drive pump if the technician discovers that the pump is damaged.

5. Examine The Lid Switch And Motor Circuit

Top load washing machines also use a lid switch. The motor will not operate unless the lid switch is activated. If your washing machine won’t drain and there is no power going to the drive motor, you may have a faulty lid switch on your hands.

This fix absolutely must be left up to a professional. It involves using a multi-meter to check for continuity and, if the lid switch has continuity, examining the rest of the motor circuit including the selector switch and timer.


Experience And Skills To Fix Any Drainage Issue

Regardless of why your washing machine won’t drain, the technicians at Area Appliance Service possess the experience and skills to repair your washer. Our local company has been family owned since 1958. That means we have decades of experience with major brands including Amana, Whirlpool, LG, GE, Samsung, Maytag and Kenmore. If you are wondering about the quality of our work, you may be able to find out from your neighbors. We service Buffalo Grove, Arlington Heights and the surrounding areas.

Customer service is every bit as important as the repair work itself. We are devoted to providing exemplary customer service. We back up our commitment with timely arrival for appointments, transparency about issues and costs, waiting until we get your approval to begin working and a 12-month labor and parts guarantee.

The many credentials we have earned include:

  • HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • We Earned The Elite Service Award & Top-Rated Award
  • Association Of Home Appliance Manufacturers
  • We are Green, Recycling All Parts

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