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You’re about to do laundry for the whole family, and suddenly, your appliance isn’t working. Maybe the water isn’t leaving the washing machine, or maybe the dryer isn’t heating up like it needs to. You’re not sure if you should repair or replace your washer or dryer.

Choosing To Repair Your Washer or Dryer

Although purchasing a new washer or dryer may sound like the best option when in a hurry, it may be more economical to repair the issue instead. And the repair may be less expensive than you think.

Many repair companies now take phone calls to see if they can diagnose the problem over the phone for you, but you can also benefit from having a professional come to your home and determine the true diagnosis. Many companies will charge a service fee of around $150, but Area Appliance Service (AAS) waives that fee for you.

If the issue is major and involves replacing parts and materials, your professional will provide an estimate to repair the problem. If the price range is something that sounds over the top, consider the lifespan of your appliance.

Washing machines last around ten years, and dryers normally last for around thirteen years, so if your appliance is nearing its final years, then it may be best to replace it. You can also determine whether to repair or replace your appliance by following the 50% Rule. If your machine is older than half of its expected lifespan, and if the repair costs are more than 50% of buying a new appliance, then it’s time to replace.

You can look for quick and simple DIY repairs for your washer or dryer, but it is strongly advised to contact a professional to do the repairs for you in order to avoid harming yourself.

Considerations When Replacing an Old Washer or Dryer

If you decide that a repair is not possible at this time, then please consider the following prior to replacing your appliance.

When you begin to search for a washer or dryer brand, ask questions about delivery or installation; there may be an extra cost that they do not put on the final price tag. Also learn about the warranty program offered with a new appliance and what specifically is covered in that plan; it may benefit you in the future and save a lot of money in maintenance.

While the trendy appliances are nice to have, those also tend to be the machines with more difficulty in future repairs, as those involve more complex parts to replace. Lastly, make sure that any appliance that you purchase is going to fit neatly in your home – you don’t want to come home with a washer or dryer that can’t even fit side-by-side.

Whether you choose to repair your appliance or invest in a replacement, make sure that you go through every step to ensure the best price for you.


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