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When searching for repair services, locally owned and independent shops are proven to have the highest reliability and success rates overall. When you have questions about where you buy your appliance, what information you need to know, and how you go about getting necessary repairs or maintenance, this is what you need to know.

Why Choose a Local Small Business as Your Repairman

A higher percentage rate of “mom and pop” shops will repair appliances on the first visit. Based on survey studies, the independent shops have a 63% rate of fixing it the first time, as compared to factory-authorized dealers at 51% and retailers at 56%.

Think Twice About Ordering Parts from Manufacturers or Retailers

When thinking about ordering the part from the manufacturer or a retailer, you want to consider that manufacturers and retailers are in the business of making and selling appliances, but not necessarily the parts that go into them. Surveys show that the highest success rate also comes from independent shops with a 75% rate of success compared to retailers at 56% and manufactures at 47%.

However, you can buy the parts yourself to save you money in mark-up costs and also in the return visits of the installer if you are confident about purchasing the correct parts that are needed.

NOTE: Caution, it is not recommended that you try to repair any appliance yourself. You might make the issue worse or even injury yourself. Also, not all repairmen will install your parts for you due to liability concerns.

Look Beyond Manufacturers for Questions on Product Information

You may expect the manufacturer to answer such questions as, “What is the blinking message on my oven?” or “Is the sound coming from my refrigerator normal?” More than half of people will contact the manufacturer with these questions, and although GE and Whirlpool are rated highly in customer satisfaction, surveys do suggest that manufacturers are not the best source for product information. In these situations, your better option is to direct your product questions to retailers and independent shops because they have personally dealt with these issues first-hand.

Registering Your Appliance

It is always a good idea to have your appliance registered. Appliance repairs will be quicker and easier for you and the technician servicing your appliance if it is registered. Registering your product with it’s make and model number will allow you to contact their customer service at any time with issues and tell you which potential parts are needed so you’ll be ready before your technician arrives.

Registering your appliance also makes it easy for manufacturers to contact you if your appliance is recalled for safety reasons.

Registrations cards usually come with new appliances upon purchase. Fill out and mail this card to the manufacturing company, or you can register by phone or on the website.

Important Tips for Delivery and Installation

When ordering a new appliance from a manufacture or a retail store, you’ll want to follow these steps to ensure that the product is delivered to you successfully.

  1. Schedule the delivery by phone. This method with the highest success rate. Avoid online chat, as it has the lowest success rate.
  2. Check for any damages. This is the most common problem in delivery, so be extra vigilant to spot any damages to your appliance BEFORE you sign off.
  3. Make sure the appliance is working properly after installation. According to surveys, 10 percent of the time the newly installed appliance does not work properly, and once that installer leaves, you’re at the mercy of an often complicated process.

Consumer Reports shoppers also recommend that you insist that the delivery services call you on your mobile phone, not a home phone, at least one hour before delivery. This way, you know when you can be expecting your new appliance to arrive.

What Area Appliance Service Can Do For You

When it comes to your appliances needing repair or regular maintenance, knowing what to look for will help you choose the best services or people for the job. Your appliances are essential for your day-to-day tasks, so when maintenance is required on them, ensure that they are put in the hands of a reliable small business with local repairmen.

Please give us a call at (847) 459-8070. We have specialized appliance repair technicians that will gladly assist you. Whether you are in need of repairs or you would like to schedule routine maintenance or you just have a question, feel free to contact us today!

We are available 24/7 and have been in business since 1958. Area Appliance Service also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, offers a 100% Satisfaction Guaranty for up to 12 months, and has up to a 12 month Warranty on parts and labor.

Area Appliance Repair services the Buffalo Grove and Arlington Heights area including Northbrook, Schaumburg, Des Plaines, Bartlett, Palatine, and other surrounding suburbs.


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