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It is easy to get caught up in the hectic pace of your daily life and haphazardly toss clothes into your washing machine or dryer without considering the damage they could do to the machines. While technology has paved the way for advances in appliance design, machines are still vulnerable getting damaged or even destroyed completely.

Read our guide about what not to put in the washer and dryer to ensure you protect yours and help them function for a long time.


These small items can cause big problems in your washer. They can block the flow of water in the drainpipe if they get stuck in it, damage the fins on the drain pump or even the glass in a front-loading washing machine. Worst of all, they can puncture the outer tank and cause damage to the drum. You would need to call an appliance repair company to take care of all of the issues. The measures they would need to take depend on which of these problems you were facing.


Coins are not the only clinky culprit. The drum of your washing machine is likely to suffer if you neglect to remove your keys from pants pockets before washing them. Keys can really do a number on the drum and scratch up the inside of the washer. If the drum is damaged, replacing it will require the services of a repair technician. Replacing it is a tricky fix that may require special tools and definitely demands the keen eye of a professional to spot critical details a novice could easily miss.

Rubber-Backed Rugs Or Mats

Using your washing machine to clean rubber-backed rugs or mats not only causes the rubber to break down, leaving the rug or mat vulnerable to slipping around, but the rubber can also damage the pump if a significant amount of it manages to bypass the filter. The repair technician will remove the face of the washer in order to access the pump, remove the old pump and any clogs and install the new pump.

Pet Hair

Your pet is part of the family and an important part of your life. Unfortunately, their hair can affect your washing machine and dryer in a major way, by clogging the drain pipes in your washing machine and sticking to the sides of the wash cylinder. Chemical solutions will not dislodge significant clogs from the drain pipe. In this case, you will need to hire a repair technician, who will detach the hose and use a snake to remove the clog. Pet hair presents a hazard for your dryer, as well. It can combine with lint and debris around it, causing a serious fire hazard and reducing the efficiency of the dryer. Due to the aforementioned reasons, pet hair definitely makes the list of what not to put in the washer and dryer.

Too Much Laundry

At this point, you may be scratching your head and wondering how clothes could possibly damage your washing machine. It is the number of clothes that can cause issues. Jamming an excessive amount into it can ruin the suspension and the bearings of the machine. Replacement of these parts should be left in the capable hands of a professional.

Rubber, Foam And Plastic Materials

As previously mentioned, rubber can damage your washing machine. However, it can also cause a fire in your dryer. Foam and plastic present the same risk. When it comes to these materials, your best bet is to err on the side of caution and hang them up to dry. For this reason, rubber, foam and plastic materials definitely make the list of what not to put in the dryer.


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